Cars • Motorcycles • Boats

A commissioned piece of artwork of your special vehicle can be a great addition to a garage, office or den, and makes a wonderful gift for your special car, boat or motorcycle enthusiast.

I focus on capturing as much detail as possible, and the final piece is intended to look photo-realistic. The technique I've developed to accomplish this focuses on pencil as the medium, and incorporates a meticulous attention to technical detail, as well as a buildup of several subtle layers of pencil to accomplish smooth, realistic-looking body surfaces and reflections.

Prices for these usually range from between $500 to $1500 and beyond. There are a few things to consider:

1. Time is the major factor in determining cost.

Would you like the artwork to be color (colored pencil) or black & white (graphite pencil)?
Color takes a bit longer and is thus more expensive.

The inclusion of a background is also a concern. The subject can stand alone like a portrait, or can be placed in a background to give it more atmosphere and context. The entire piece can be made to look like a realistic, finished composition, or the background can have a looser, more sketched look to provide some context but not compete with the subject. If you have multiple vehicles, they can all be incorporated into one composition if desired.

The more subject matter and detail a piece requires, the more time it will take to complete, and this will drive the cost. For example, a Jaguar SS100 in full color with a fully realized background will take considerably more time than a black & white standalone MG Midget, and the final price would reflect that. Motorcycles and older cars with more intricate bodywork, wire wheels, lots of chrome, etc. take much more time than boats and more modern cars with more streamlined bodywork. Of course, these are just generalizations and each piece is unique, but it is something to keep in mind.

2. For convenience sake (yours and mine!), I typically work from photographs. Ideally, if you are local (greater Philadelphia area), I can come to the vehicle's location and take several photographs from all angles and then work with you to find the preferred composition.

If you're not local, or if you have a photograph (the higher resolution, the better) that you'd like to be used, then you can provide me with said image.

3. Finished pieces come matted and framed unless otherwise specified and the cost will reflect this. All matting and framing is done custom for each individual piece, and is as much a piece of the artwork as the art itself. Some things to consider:

Mats: The mat color can accentuate a certain part of the art, or provide contrast to frame the art without interfering, and should be chosen in conjunction with the frame.

Frames: A good mat and frame combination can really add to an already nice piece of artwork. As mentioned with the mats, the two can be unobtrusive and merely serve to contrast against and showcase the artwork itself...or they can be selected to complement the piece and draw from color combinations present in the artwork. Each piece is different and I'll work with you to find the best solution.

The wood used is also something to consider. I can offer everything from more traditional woods and styles to more exotic hardwoods. The wood can be finished naturally, stained, or painted.

Glass: (yes, glass!) The glass that goes inside the frame is also something to consider. Standard glass can be used, and is fine, but ultra-clear UV-resistant glass is available at an extra cost, and not only looks incredibly good (think no glare), but also keeps the artwork safe from harmful light. Think of it as protecting your investment.

Portraits (People/Animals)

For portraiture, I can work in several different mediums, including pencil, colored pencil and pastels. Pencil portraits are more detail oriented and realistic (click here), whereas pastel portraits can be "looser" and have more of a warm, emotional feel. (click here)

• Pastel portraits are $400. Add $50 per subject for multiple subjects.

• Pencil portraits are $600. Add $75 per subject for multiple subjects.

• Colored pencil portraits are $800. Add $100 per subject for multiple subjects.


Commercial Artwork

I am available for commercial artwork. Please contact me if you see something I've done that would work for your purposes, or if you'd like to hire me to create something unique. Rates vary greatly depending on what I'm creating and its intended use. Please contact me for details.